Swiss Lounge Productions is, as the header suggests, a site that encourages collaboration.

The idea is that doing work produces more work and that working with others is a means to doing even more.

Swiss Lounge Productions will be supporting a variety of projects, each of which will be tracked on this site. Ideally we’re going to be a low/no-budget outfit but we’re open to suggestion.

We hope that these will build and and challenge what we’ve done before. We recognise the fundamental nature of production in these efforts and would very much encourage designers, layout artists computer types etc to become involved and become as creative as possible within the platform we’re using.

Whether you’re the artist, the instigator, the collaborator or the person who holds the umbrella over the camera, then you get credited for it. However, participation in one of the projects entails consent that your work, your presence may be used in some other Swiss Lounge project. One idea feeds on another and so on.

Having said that if for any reason you want to remain anonymous then we’ll assign you an identifier and credit you under that.

Initially it may appear that the site is biased towards the written word or the static visual image. We do assert the primacy of the page. We like painting. But we also want to see moving image, sound, animation, music, new and hybrid forms of things we haven’t even thought of. If you have an idea that you think will fly here please get in touch.

We have day jobs. If we’re spending money on you it’s because we’ve earned it. We haven’t got any grants or state funding (yet), we don’t get crowd sourced (yet). We like a deadline, if only to let us sort out what we can and can’t do. We won’t reply to any queries etc that fall outwith deadline periods. If you can’t meet a deadline, don’t fulfil previous commitments, won’t reply to emails we reserve the right to withdraw from any prior agreements.

At Swiss Lounge we’ve had a great time on collaborations in the past. It keeps as sharp as artists, writers, or whatever it is that particular day.

Get involved…

Contact – swissloungepro [at] gmail dotcom