Project title – an Edwin Morgan memorial

Project type – text, design, e-book

Brief – poems in memory of Edwin Morgan (50 line max)

Contributors –

Poets – Michael Conley, Richie McCaffrey, Russell Jones, Andrew C Ferguson, morgan downie, Colin Will, Lachlan Renwick

Photography – Tracy Markey, Paul Nandy, Morgan Downie

Design, layout and other chicanery – Tracy Markey

Status – closed

And the finished article  is at the following link


Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


7 responses to “slp0002

  1. An expansion on the brief has been requested. The poems do not have to be ‘about’ Edwin Morgan. They might be a response to his work, a particular poem, it could be the circumstances around a particular reading, you might want to write some sort of science fiction poem! Something that captures something of the spirit of Edwin Morgan. Or whatever else you can imagine.

  2. Good Gracious swiss, is this another place you hang out?!

  3. Do we submit the contribution right here?

  4. not so much hang out – seems like a way in which to get to get involved in a bigger variety of things

    jeanne – send any question etc to the mail above. if the address isn’t obvious let me know but i’m trying to avoid a 1001 spams for viagra, cheap meds and bargain financial deals in west africa!

  5. and as the deadline approaches…
    don’t forget irreverence!

  6. so, the deadline approached, got extended and passed and what we’ve got is a small but perfectly formed bunch of poems that we’re rahter happy and excited about.

    what we didn’t get was any design types so we’ll be doing that ourselves which should be a bit of a giggle.

    but, on the other hand, it may be we’ve got some photography to include as well.

    it may be we get into it really quickly but october holidays are going to interfer with play so expect to hear more by the end of the month at the latest.

  7. So that’s that. We learned a lot about adobe but can’t, as yet, display the pamphlet as a pamphlet though that may change as we upgrade and change formats. Thanks to everyone for their time and patience. Hope you enjoy and if you’ve any suggestions please feel free….

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